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Tiger Manufactuing

Tiger Manufacturing is a student-run machine shop, fully functioning at Newberg High School. Our students machine real parts, for real customers for real paychecks. We educate students while efficiently and effectively manufacturing high quality machined components. 

TIGER MFG logo.jpeg
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what we do

At Tiger Manufacturing we provide a unique, hands-on education experience that prepares students for life after high school. Our student-run business is student-driven from the ground up. Students receive customer orders, procure tools and material, manufacture parts, send invoices, and report payroll, among other tasks. Our hours worked are recorded for both class credit and payment at minimum wage. We offer a rare opportunity to get paid while going to school! Our shop currently includes a CNC lathe and various manual machines. In our first year of operation, we manufactured over 10,000 parts and successfully turned a profit! Our students leave Tiger Manufacturing with a solid set of career-ready skills and increased ambition.

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What our students learn

Each student learns a variety of hard skills that can be broken into three categories: business, machining, and management.


  •  Scheduling

  • Time management

  • Interview/Hiring Process

  • Training Others

  • Developing/Applying Standard Procedures


  • Creating/Placing Product Orders

  • Invoicing

  • The Set-up and Use of Quickbooks Accounting Software

  • The Payroll Process

  • Quoting

  • Working with Clients


  • Programming

  • Reading Blueprints

  • Quality Control

  • Product Measuring

  • Setting-up Tooling Blocks


Along with these skills, students are learning soft skills such as responsibility, communication, teamwork, active listening, the importance of initiative, commitment, and much more.

Where we are headed

During the 2018-19 school year, Tiger Manufacturing is expanding from one to two class periods, and from 5 to 8 students. Our hope is to expand even more in the coming years. A key piece to our expansion success is becoming a self-sustaining business. This fall we are hoping to purchase a CNC Vertical Mill which will double our production capacity. With this purchase, we will not need to do additional fundraising and will be able to put profits back into the business for future equipment purchases. If you are interested in donating, please email us at tigermanufacturingnhs@gmail.com. 

Tiger Manufacturing takes a different and refreshing approach to education, and we want to provide this opportunity to as many students as possible. The return on investment for the students, and the community at large, has already proven to be more than anticipated. We are building the next generation of our community's workforce and take pride in the products and futures we are creating.

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